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The World of Warcraft Series 2 Deluxe Figures are produced by DC Unlimited as part of their World of Warcraft collector figure series. The are five figures in series 2, four normal and one deluxe.

Normal Figures

Archilon Shadowheart

Archilon Shadowheart is a human warrior featured in DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 2 action figure set. Archilon appears to be wearing the Dreadnaught Battlegear and wielding The Hungering Cold. Archilon has not yet appeared in any other media.

Broll Bearmantle

Broll Bearmantle was born with antlers, an extremely rare gift of nature and a sign that one day he would do great deeds. For years people watched as his antlers grew and waited for him to manifest greatness. Over the long centuries he developed into a fine druid — very powerful, an amazing shapeshifter with many forms — but beyond that he seemed nothing special. In time he was further gifted with an idol crafted by the immortal druid Remulos, son of the demigod Cenarius. The idol was connected to a green dragon, and through the dragon Broll was linked to the Emerald Dream. The idol, however, could not help Broll in further developing his powers. He felt he had not fulfilled his promise. His "failure" began to eat at him.

When the Scourge invaded Azeroth, Broll found himself at Mount Hyjal battling undead and demons. His daughter Anessa fought beside him. Broll's command was cut off from the main force. Drawn by his hidden core of druidic power, a group of powerful demons attacked. In his desperation, Broll, for the first time called to the deep earth to protect those who fought beside him. He stood his ground giving the others time to pull back toward the main army as the trees uprooted themselves and attacked undead and demons alike. He had been fighting all-out for hours. He was tiring and in the end the pit lord Azgalor overwhelmed him. Broll dropped the dragon statue as he fell. Azgalor struck the idol with his sword, Spite. The explosion of fel energy from the corrupted statue killed Anessa who was trying to help Broll. However, Broll's valiant sacrifice saved many other lives and contributed greatly for the Alliance's victory.

Sprocket Gyrospring

Sprocket Gyrospring is a gnome warrior.Sprocket appears to be wearing the Battlegear of Wrath and wielding the Ashbringer. He rides a mechanostrider. Sprocket has not yet appeared in any other media.

Zabra Hexx

Zabra Hexx is a troll priest featured in the Ashbringer comic. He was the inhabitant of Scarlet Monastery before the Scarlet Crusade took up residence there.

Zabra appears to be wielding Zabra's Misplaced Staff and is the namesake of the Horde Priest Tier 9 set, Zabra's Raiment mmo-champion.com.

Zabra appears in Ashes to Ashes as a troll who had taken up residence in the Scarlet Monastery and learned the ways of the Light from the books within its Library. He is found by knights of the Silver Hand, led by Alexandros Mograine, who confirm his connection to the Light, saving him from being killed by Brigitte Abbendis. Zabra promises to never forget Alexandros' act of mercy.

Later, he encounters Darion Mograine, who at the time is mourning his father's death. Zabra suggests that the spirit of Alexandros Mograine has not passed on, claiming that he can still feel a connection to Mograine through the Light, though it has been obscured. When Darion asks him about Alexandros' whereabouts, Zabra tells him that he had seen a vision of a fortress floating above Stratholme|a burning city, and then vanishes mysteriously.

Deluxe Figure

Vindicator Maraad

Vindicator Maraad is a draenei paladin stationed aboard The Skybreaker which is flying above Icecrown. He wields a Hammer of the Naaru.

Maraad rescued Garona from Theramore, and revealed that he is Garona's uncle (and therefore Med'an's great uncle). He explained that Gul'dan had bred his sister to one of his warriors (which, considering orcish/draenei relations at the time, implies rape), which resulted in Garona's birth. Once he had learned of his sister's daughter, Maraad began his years-long search for her.[1] He has now become a founding member of the New Council of Tirisfal.
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