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Metal Gear Solid
Inflames Metal Boss by Sébastien Bontemps (Elvis1976)
Publisher(s) Konami
Licensee(s) Hot Toys Limited
Square Enix Holdings Co.
Diamond Select
McFarlane Toys
threeA Toys
Customs Sébastien Bontemps
Dayton Allen
Collection(s) McFarlane's MGS Line
McFarlane's MGS2 Line
Konami's MGS2 Line
MediCom's MGS3 Line
MediCom's MGS Kubricks
threeA's MGS Line
Square Enix MGS Line
Hot Toy's MGS3 Line
Sébastien Bontemps' MGS
Dayton Allen's MGS
Kotobukiya's MGS Model Kit
Risk:MGS Editions
Designer(s) Hideo Kojima
Ashley Wood
Sébastien Bontemps
Distributor(s) Toys R Us
Sideshow Collectibles
Date(s) 1999 - Present

Metal Gear Solid, by Konami, has been licensed to ten toy companies for development of figures and board games. Twelve collections have resulted from licensees and custom figure developers.



McFarlane Toys was the first to launch a series of Metal Gear Solid action figures, in 1999[1]. This first series, the original '99 figure line, consisted of eight 6" action figures, featuring the main characters from Kojma's Metal Gear Solid.[2] Each character featured excellent detailing and accessories. Being the first toy-line to release action figures for Meal Gear Solid, a complete set is highly collectible.

McFarlane followed up their first eight figures for Metal Gear Solid with a figure line from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, in 2001. This second series featured seven highly-detailed figures which included Solid Snake, Raiden, Metal Gear Ray, Revolver Ocelot, Fortune, Solidus Snake, and Olga. Each figure measures 6-inches tall and features original paint.

Konami released six, 4-inch blind-box figures based on MGS2, in Japan.[citation needed] Then additional figures for MGS2: Substance shortly after in 2003; the Substance series was eventually brought to the US and UK markets packaged on card rather than blind boxed.

During the release of MGS3, Medicom released 7" figures as part of their Real Action Heroes line. Eight figures are available, including Boss (from MGS 3), Raiden (from MGS 4), Crouching Snake (from MGS 4), Crouching Snake "Clear" (also from MGS 4), Snake "Black Skull" Version (from MGS 3), Snake "Cold War" Version (from MGS 3), Snake "Tiger Camo" Version (from MGS 3), and Vamp (from MGS 4).

Medicom continued to support the franchise with the release of six Kubrick figures, including Old Snake Octo Camo facemask ver. (MGS4), Solidus Snake (MGS2), Liquid Ocelot (MGS4), Liquid Snake (MGS), Iroquois Pliskin (MGS2), and PMC Soldier (MGS4).

In 2009, toy company threeA joined forces with Kojima to make related products. The first fruit of this partnership came in late 2012, when ThreeA released a massive 1/48 scale figure of Metal Gear REX, with working LED lights. It can also be dressed up to depict REX's decrepit condition in Guns of the Patriots. The company is also cooperating with graphic artist Ashley Wood to develop a similarly-scaled Metal Gear RAY. A prototype was first unveiled at the ReVenture hobby show in Hong Kong in April 2012.

Known for producing the massive Metal Gear REX collectible, Metal Gear illustrator Ashley Wood and threeA Toys have issued a statement that Metal Gear Solid will play a role in their 2013 product line-up.

Square Enix's Play Arts are an upscale version of their popular Play Arts Kai's action figure series. Square Enix produced vehicles and characters from the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker series. The original figures were released in 2010 and the line was expanded in 2011 with additional characters from Metal Gear Solid and Sons of Liberty. These action figures are considered to have considerably more detail than previous releases.

Not to be outdone, in 2012, Hot Toys released two, highly-detailed 1/6th action figures of Naked Snake in his original Sneaking Suit from MGS3 and the Boss.

Custom Figures

Sébastien Bontemps, also known as Elvis1976, hails from Brussels Belgium. He studied illustration for 5 years and works as a Graphic Designer. He’s worked for ad agencies such as DDB Brussels, Saatchi & Saatchi Brussels, SIGN Brussels and, most currently, Ogilvy Brussels.[3] His most recent work, featuring MGS customs, was posted to OneSixthWarriors dot-com on March 2012. [4] His work has been sponsored by Red Planet Toys at Simple Studios in New York. [5]

Dayton Allen, also known as sith_fire30, is a Senior Graphic Designer for a manufacturing company. His custom action figures are appreciated by collectors seeking one-of-a-kind creations. The ten figures in his MGS collection are a work-in-progress, as of January 2013, but much of the detail is apparent. His figure collection includes Cyborg Ninja, Gray Fox, Gray Fox 2.0, Raiden, Vamp, Old Snake, Johnathan, PMC Soldier(s) (4), Snake from Snake Eater, and Solid Snake from Sons of Liberty.[6]

Model Kits

To celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary, model kit company Kotobukiya released a 1/100 scale Metal Gear REX, which features small figures of Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, and Gray Fox in both standing and near-death versions.

Board Games

On September 22, 2011, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced USAopoly will be releasing the RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition board game. Two versions of the popular RISK series will be produced using the Metal Gear Solid theme and artwork: the Collector's Edition[7] and the Limited Edition[8]. Both feature classic Risk game-play but each with a slightly different take. The Collector's Edition features a customized game board, a first-ever mobile territory, and Outer Haven game board with pieces. The Limited Edition is limited to 2,014 versions --each individually numbered.


McFarlane's MGS Figures

Solid Snake
Liquid Snake
Meryl Silverburgh
Psycho Mantis
Revolver Ocelot
Sniper Wolf
Vulcan Raven

McFarlane's MGS2 Figures

Revolver Ocelot
Solid Snake
Solidus Snake
Metal Gear Ray

Konami's MGS2 Line

Image Needed
Image Needed
Image Needed
Image Needed
Image Needed
Image Needed
Image Needed

MediCom's MGS3 Figures

Black Skull Version Snake Figure
Old Snake (Crouching)
Naked Snake (Cold War Version)
Snake (Crouching Clear Version)
Snake Eater Snake Squares Camouflage
Snake Eater Naked Snake Camouflage
Solid Snake Eater- Tiger Striped Camo

MediCom's MGS Kubricks

Naked Snake
Old Snake
Solid Snake
Gray Fox

threeA's MGS Line

Metal Gear REX
Metal Gear RAY

Square Enix MGS Figures

Solid Snake
Big Boss
Gray Fox
Meryl Silverburgh
Kazuhira Miller
Solidus Snake

Hot Toy's MGS3 Figure Line

Naked Snake (Sneaking Suit Version)
The Boss

Sébastien Bontemps' MGS Custom Figures

Old Snake
Inflames Metal Boss
Gray Fox
Solid Snake from MGS1
Solid Snake from MGS2
The Fury
The Pain
The Sorrow
The End
The Fear
Revolver Ocelot from MGS2

Dayton Allen's MGS Custom Figures

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Gray Fox
Gray Fox 2.0
Old Snake
PMC Soldier
Snake from MGS:Snake Eater
Cyborg Ninja

Kotobukiya's MGS Model Kit

Metal Gear Rex

Risk: MGS Editions

RISK: Metal Gear Solid Collector’s Edition
RISK: Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition

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